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Indonesian Furniture Exports Value Strength

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The export opportunities are still wide open. Indonesia opportunities in marketing furniture products in overseas markets is still quite large because of the new Indonesian share of 1.62 percent during the year 2007. Indonesia achieved a rating to 18 for the category’s biggest exporter of furniture design. As said by the Head of NAFED (National Agency for Export Development), Bachrul Chaery, it is likely to rise higher to a very open level especially for wooden furniture (wooden furniture) of tropical forest raw materials. So far, Indonesia’s exports are still concentrated in certain segments of Japanese, American, and European.

Widespread use of information technology in business can also encourage the development of exports of furniture design. Suppliers in Indonesia are more likely to know more buyers, and buyers were more able to know more suppliers. So that this condition could reduce the distribution chain that could open up more export opportunities amid the global market.

Indonesian Furniture manufacturers has a good competitive advantage in differentiation (uniqueness) and price. Interior furniture & exterior differentiation Indonesian wood furniture company is based on the skilled workers and carved wooden variety and richness of natural fibers. So then, Indonesia has the potential to produce interior design wood furniture (wooden furniture design) is unique. Labor Indonesian furniture, ranging from unskilled to skilled, available and relatively very cheap when compared with similar workers in other countries. This enables the Indonesian furniture can also compete in price.

In terms of network expansion of exports, Indonesia has established Export Development Agency who have links with Indonesian Trade Attache Indonesian Trade Promotion Center and abroad. These institutions has been pioneering in promoting Indonesian products, including interior design furniture overseas. Students and citizens of Indonesia abroad are also quite a lot. So they have the potential to develop export marketing networks abroad.

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