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Some tips before buying bedroom funitures

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Comfortable bed rest is the key to getting healthy and quality. Rest quality will certainly increase productivity. Therefore, choosing the right bed is very important.
If you happen to buy a new bed, it’s good not to be too hasty. Spend a little time to think about what you want. Make sure your choice is not wrong, so do not regret in the future.
In addition to excellent comfort factor, you also can not ignore the fact that the bed is the focal point or center point of a bedroom. Appearances bed arguably as important as comfort. After all, bed is the last place you see at night before sleeping, and the first when waking in the morning.

Specify Size

How big is the bed that you need depends on the size of the bedroom, and how wide you need. Sometimes you also can book a bed according to the size desired, but keep in mind that finding a mattress and bed sheets for the type that is not standard is relatively more difficult.
As an illustration, here are a variety of standard size bed on the market:
Twin Bed: 39 inches (width) x 75 inches (length)
Extra Long Twin Bed: 39 inches x 80 inches
Double Bed: 54 inches x 75 inches
Queen Bed: 60 inches x 80 inches
Standard King: 76 inches x 80 inches
California King/Western King: 72 inches x 84 inches

Determine Type

After determining the size, then you decide what type of bed as desired.

  • There is a standard type of bed that provides extra storage space under, inside or at the end of the bed.
  • Type flexible lebif Trundle bed (usually stored under a bed for two people). Type of bed can be used for a child’s room or a room or a guest.
  • Type bed terraced (Bunk bed) for children or teenagers who can save space, while also providing an extra bed.
  • How high or low bed that you want? There are many choices out there.
  • You can also use a board or box spring mattress (box spring) to support your mattress. Two types of support is certainly provide a different sensation. Box spring will be felt bounce while the board makes the bed feel more solid.

Specify Model

Selection of a model or style of your bed will depend on the design or the interior of your bedroom.

  • If the concept of traditional, wooden beds can be selected. Elements of wood on the bed can be matched with the interior of your room. For a more formal look, choose a darker color and larger size.
  • For a contemporary look, try something simple, line-garus smooth and neat. Leather panel will look right at the headboard. You can choose a more subtle wood.
  • For the bedroom nuanced elektik, you can choose a bed with a mixture of different materials such as metal and wood.
  • For country-style room, you can still select elements of metal and wood but avoid the glossy patterned.

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