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The climate for indonesian export furniture

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Domestic market products that element of traditional furniture and antiques is still a favorite product for the consumer. However, sometimes there are wood furniture manufacturers who differentiate their product quality, to overseas markets or only export oriented, high-quality products. While for the domestic market or domestic market their products only moderate or poor quality, giving the impression as if product quality is below standard.

The product of  indonesian wood furniture companies majority is oriented on exports, while for the domestic market only a small proportion is marketed. With an export-oriented products, they should have good quality and high, because that company maintain product quality from raw material selection (in this case timber used must be qualified), then surveillance at the time wood processing, the production to the finishing, as well as accuracy of product orders. Kinds of orders and delivery time all applicable with a system of professionalism, because he faced was the global market.

Faced with global market competition and the indonesian furniture manufacturers can choose implemented into the marketing strategy that is considered form appropriate. Company’s success in winning the highly competitive market is  depending on the chosen marketing strategy and applied in marketing. Development of marketing strategy is influenced by several things, among others, from internal factors and external factors.

Internal factors can be managed with good company, so it can be utilized as the power to apply one strategy
marketing that can be done, while external factors should be monitored to be able to exploit the business opportunities that exist and can be eliminate the threat of business in a corporate environment. Therefore focus and management attention must be directed to the formulation of strategy the right to utilize the internal factors and external factors, thus be a force in the face of competition in the global market.

The approach used the concept of regional development today is the concept of development based regional technology (technology-based regional development). The first step in preparing strategy of creating competitive advantages based on the concept of regional development area is by conducting the assessment / analysis of the content technologies that have a region at level company or industry. The concept of measurement used to perform content analysis technology in the wood furniture company / industry in the local market-oriented research is to apply the concept of measurement used by the United Nations-Economis and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP), the model metrics. The model aims to measure the metrics combined contributions of the four components of technology.

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